Who has the time?

29 Jul

As I sit here in my own bedroom, I think.  I like being able to sleep on whatever side of the bed I want to.  I like  not having to fuss and fight that you have more covers than I do and I’m cold and need.  Having my bathroom remain in tact and as clean as I like it to be is an added plus when not having a man in the house to deal with.  Most women I know would trade anything to have a man even say hello to them. I almost feel as if I have had my fair share of enough men to say I could live and be okay with not ending up with the perfect, happily ever after marriage that every little girls dreams about from the day they can first consciously think.  Wedding dress? Nope, not for me.

Being a woman and being single has its advantages that most married or boo’d up women seem to forget.  Sure you can have and enjoy certain privileges when being with someone, especially if they are a live-in at that. Men will kill the spiders that creep you out, go check out what’s making that creepy noise outside and making your dark at the same time when it’s 3am in the morning.  You also don’t have to worry about if there’s enough oil in the car or about dumping your trash with a man around.    But with them not around, you don’t have to worry about so much more.  No hair in the sink, refrigerator door left open. You own the remote and aren’t forced to pretend to be interested in watching the sports channel when you’re not.  If you want to leave your feminine products all over the house you can! Being a single woman you can enjoy your own bathroom.  No late night toilet seat up mishaps, or having to fight over space in the medicine cabinet.  And if I want to talk to my girlfriends all night long, I don’t have someone telling me I spend too much time with them.  Take a HikeDon’t get me wrong, this blog is not to bash men or to get you to thinking about leaving your perfectly joined together relationship.  I just want to get you thinking.  Did you lose a part of you when you became a couple?? I know every guy I’ve dated, I lost a part of me.  There was something about me that just didn’t mesh well with them and so I thought if I changed it, it would make things all better.  WRONG.  Changing me was not the answer.  No matter how many times I said the word “Duh” that annoyed jr high boyfriend, or couldn’t and refused to kiss 1st high school boyfriend, or never remembered to put my razor away with live-in boyfriend, me changing my habits didn’t solve anything.  I mean, what did putting my razor away have to do with live-in boyfriend maintaining the ability to keep his dick in his pants?  He still cheated no matter how many times I remembered to put it away.  And as for junior high boyfriend, even when I learned to stop using the word ‘duh’ not just cause it annoyed him, but because I was annoyed by it, he still found the next hot young 7th grader and I was a lonely 8th grader again….

Point is, dating…who has time for it?? Now that I am this sexy, savvy and fine-looking woman, I find I don’t have the time to put up with nonsense as much as I used to.  Now I would probably tell all three of them to go take a hike if they even mentioned I needed to change something about myself.  I can see it now, I’d look them in the eye, this after looking them up and down like they’re crazy.  I ‘d look them in the eye and after telling them off, walk away.   Taking a piece of me away so you can better like me doesn’t solve anything.  If you can’t learn to like the real me and EVERYTHING I have to offer, then you know what I say? I have no time to waste buddy… take a hike.



One Response to “Who has the time?”

  1. The T July 29, 2011 at 8:47 pm #

    One day when it turns cold where you live, you’ll feel the crisp sheets as you slide into bed…a bit of rain gently falling outside and you’ll wonder how nice it would be to have a man slide in behind you, tuck his arm under your head and hold you gently…

    It is human interaction that we all need…a little love and expecting the best form each of our respective sexes makes our differences a bit more tolerable. I know and see the war between us…but it’s not always about who is going to win, sometimes it’a about the compromise to want to give up a portion of your bed and decide to sleep on one side more than the other as long as there’s a loving man there to take you in his arms and embrace you like you’ve always wanted to be held…

    Are you saying that’s a bad thing? Lord, i would hope you girls decide which way you want things..romantic or constantly wondering why we must be at war with one another…Love could be an answer if you start to have faith and follow through with it…


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